The Seattle Ley-Line Map.
A Geo Group Project

Photograph of Seattle Ley-Line Map
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Seattle Ley-Line Map News Release
NEW! Power Center Locations

The Geo Group created the Seattle Ley Line Project , an artwork commissioned and funded by the Seattle Arts Commission. Seattle is the first city in America - possibly the first city anywhere - to have its ley lines located and mapped. Sacred places located all over the world are generally located over various Earth energies. These electromagnetic fields of energy emanating from the Earth have the capability to improve the well-being of people as well as the Earth as a whole. One of our goals is to identify the presence of all kinds of Earth energies and work in harmony with the Earth Spirit to improve the flow of these energies.

The Geo Group offers a 4.5 x 7 inch color photo of the Seattle Ley-Line Map, showing major Seattle ley lines and power centers. The photo is available for $7.00 from:
Chuck Pettis
The Geo Group LLC
1385 Raden Place
Freeland, WA 98249

Crisscrossing the Earth is a network of energy lines called ley lines. These ley lines originate at power centers. Ancient monuments such as pyramids, stone circles, medicine wheels, shrines, cathedrals and other sacred architectural structures traditionally have been located on power centers.

Power centers are significant because they can affect consciousness and uplift the human condition. When power centers are amplified through the application of a specific set of design elements, they can have a perceptible, positive influence on people and the environment.

The Seattle Ley-Line Project was The Geo Group's first major project. Its purpose was to:

  • Identify and map the major ley lines and ley-line power centers within the City of Seattle using dowsing techniques; and
  • Design and build a series of environmental artworks that will be used to mark and enhance the ley-line energy.

A $5,000 grant for the Seattle Ley-Line Project was provided to The Geo Group by the Seattle Arts Commission to "explore their visions for the city of Seattle . . to consider the fantastic as well as the realizable." The Project was commissioned for the Visionary Collaborations portion of Northwest Interpretations to represent what Seattle as a City might become.

To date, an artwork showing the Seattle Ley-Line Map and proposed environmental artworks has been completed and is being exhibited as part of Seattle City Light's 1% for Art Portable Works Collection. The artwork is encased in a wood and metal case in the shape of the squared circle. In the center of the case is a large map of the Seattle ley lines and on either side of the map is a description of the project and proposed artworks to be built on the power centers in the city.

The artwork and large map are on rotating display in city-owned buildings within Seattle. For information on the artwork's current location, contact the Seattle Arts Commission, telephone: (206) 625-4223.

This project made Seattle the first city on Earth to balance and tune its ley-line system. The project received front page coverage in The Seattle Times. Five years later, the April 1993 issue of Seattle Arts reported:

"Some artworks start life in fiery controversy and eventually find enthusiastic acceptance. When in 1987 an artist working with individuals from other disciplines cre- ated an artwork tracking the invisible 'ley lines' in the Earth's surface - imposing a grid of lines over a satellite photo of the Seattle area and placing crystals at significant junctures, then beautifully framing the whole thing to hang on the wall - it sparked a brief but nasty battle over the separation of church and state, art and faith. The (Seattle) Arts Commission was accused of funding a New Age, pagan sect. Now the work hangs happily on the wall of a new home the DCLU (Department of Construction and Land Use in the Dexter Horton Building), where many visitors figure it must somehow relate to the City's zoning policies."

Seattle Ley-Line Map News Release

The vision of the Seattle Ley-Line Project is to heal the Earth energies within the Seattle city limits by identifying ley-line power centers in Seattle, neutralizing negative energies and then amplifying the positive potential of the ley-line power centers. We believe the result will be a decrease in disease and anxiety, an increased sense of wholeness and well-being and the achievement of Seattle's potential as a center of power for good on Spaceship Earth.

Dowsing techniques were used to identify and map the major ley lines and power centers located within Seattle. The map you see above is an accurate artistic representation of all the ley lines and power centers we identified. Since most of the ley lines are on private property, we have deliberately kept this map representational.

It is our opinion that Seattle is definitely a major center for Earth energies. There are several places in the city that have the potential to become sacred places similar to, but not as large as Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid.

How can I get a Ley-Line map of my city or area ?

Over the years, we have gotten calls from other people interested in a ley-line map of their city. If not done correctly, dowsing a city can be dangerous. It's one thing to dowse a piece of property for a water well, it's another thing to dowse a large area, especially a large metropolitan area, for ley lines and power centers. It took over three months to dowse Seattle using a four- by eight-foot road map. For protection and correct results, every dowsing session was preceded by meditation and a specific set of spiritual practices. Do not attempt to dowse a city without a deep practice in meditation and years of dowsing work in the field.

What are ley lines, power centers and other Earth energies?

Ley lines are straight lines of electromagnetic "Yang" energy with a beginning point and an end point. Water lines are underground streams of water flowing through creaks and veins beneath the Earth's surface. Both ley lines and water lines create a field of energy that has an effect on onsciousness and how you feel. Once you teach yourself to be sensitive to Earth energies, you can feel their effect on you just like you feel the effect of a strong cup of coffee.

Power centers are places where ley lines begin. A power center is created by the presence of both ley energy and underground water. The combination of the two creates a power that has the capability to not only affect consciousness, but also to retain the feelings of people who have visited the site. Power centers can save feelings and emotions in the same way a computer disk holds programs or a battery holds energy.

Directions to Three Ley-Line Power Centers In Seattle Parks

More information on Earth energies.

How do you find ley lines and how can I learn more about them?

The easiest way to find ley lines and power centers is by dowsing. Dowsing is a technique for using the body's potential to receive and feel energy. By practice, a dowser learns to feel the presence of underground water and ley lines. Just like a radio tunes into electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere and converts the waves into music, a dowser uses a tool such as a dowsing rod or a pendulum to act like the indicator light on the radio dial to help indicate where a ley line is located.

There are a number of books on ley lines besides Secrets of Sacred Space by Chuck Pettis. Two we recommend are: Dowsing by Tom Graves and The View Over Atlantis, by John Michell. You can also write the American Society of Dowsers, Danville, VT. They have chapters all over the U.S., many of which study Earth energies.

What is environmental art?

Environmental art is a major international art movement that has been recognized within the arts community for at least the last 20 years. Environmental art involves the environment as a design element in the final artwork. It includes an artwork and a site or space that are united into a single entity. Several successful environmental artworks in the greater Seattle area include: the Source on Mercer Island by John Hoge, Gasworks Park by Rich Haag, and Richard Fleischner's work for the City of Kent. National environmental artworks include: Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, Walter de Maria's Lightning Field and Christo's Running Fence.

Artworks designed by The Geo Group incorporate cosmology, symbolism, landscape design, earth and stone sculptures, geomancy, metrology, astronomical alignments, ceremony/festivals, and sacred geometry and proportion.

What do you mean by healing the Earth?

There are two primary ways of healing the Earth via Earth energies. One is to neutralize the effects of negative energies, and the other is to add positive vibrations to neutral or positive spaces. When underground water gets polluted, it creates a negative field which can affect health and cause disease. A power center can have a negative feeling if negative emotions or events have occurred at the site. Once a power center or underground water stream has been identified as negative, it can be neutralized by using a number of intuitional techniques. A power center can be improved by encouraging and fostering positive thoughts and activities at the site.

What if I'd like to find out about Earth energies in my home, business, etc.?

The Geo Group provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Geopathic Survey: Identify the presence of ley lines, power centers, underground water and entities. Neutralize negative energies and clean site of entities;
  • Environmental artwork design and construction; and
  • Sculptural, landscape architectural, architectural and general design services.

Services are provided on an hourly fee or project basis. For a cost estimate, send e-mail: to Chuck.

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