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The Mutiny Bay Stone Circle
Table of Astronomical Alignments

Mutiny Bay Stone Circle

The Mutiny Bay Stone Circle is a sacred space specially designed for meditation and spiritual practices. It incorporates the same design elements and techniques used in most of the world’s ancient monuments (e.g., Stonehenge, Avebury, and the Great Pyramid):

Earth Energies - The Mutiny Bay Stone Circle is located over a ley-line power center and an underground blind spring. There are four ley lines and one water line in the stone circle. Two ley lines came in while the stone circle was in construction.

Mutiny Bay Stone CircleSunset on May Day at Mutiny Bay

Geometry - There is an outer circle of buried tree stumps 38 feet in diameter and an inner egg-shaped stone circle with a 30-foot North-South major axis. The sacred space is built around a squared-circle geometry such that the perimeter of the square that circumscribes the inner stone circle is the same length as the circumference of the outer circle: 120 feet. This symbolically unites the circle with the square, the irrational with the rational and heaven and Earth.

Astronomical Alignments - The stone circle is aligned to true North-South and East-West. Every stone marks an important astronomical alignment: True North, Major Moon Standsills, Summer Solstice, May Day, Lammas, Equinoxes, Candlemas, Martinmas, and Winter Solstice.

Mutiny Bay Stone Circle

Table of Astronomical Alignments

Azimuth (Corrected Compass) Readings
for Important Solar and Lunar Events

The purpose of this table is to enable you to determine if there are any possible Sun or Moon alignments at your sacred space site and, if so, to be able to locate the points where the Sun will rise or set on the horizon on the Celtic holidays (and where the Moon will rise or set on the horizon at the major and minor standstills) to within a degree or two. For truly accurate fieldwork, consult a professional archaeoastronomer. All alignments should be checked on site before making permanent construction decisions, that is, do not install anything permanently until you have checked and confirmed the specific astronomical alignment on-site.

The Table of Astronomical Alignments is a Microsoft Excel Version 5.0 spreadsheet. You will need to be able to use this file type and save it to your drive. Note! The file is 117K. ---- An Adobe Acrobat preview is available that will load quickly. If you have questions, feel free to email Chuck Pettis

Mutiny Bay Stone Circle

Number Symbolism - There are two circles, one within the other. This creates an ordered form (duality) that transforms into the Void: the transcendental experience. There are 120 wood stumps; 12 is a number of wholeness. The circumference of the stone circle is 88 feet; there are 16 standing stones (8 + 8=16 and 1 + 6=7); 8 is the number of perfection on Earth; 7 is the number of spiritual wholeness and perfection.

Devas and The Spiritual Hierarchy - The Mutiny Bay Stone Circle was designed with the guidance of Parama Purusa (Supreme Consciousness) and several important Deities and Spiritual Masters. Everything was done in cooperation with the Landscape Angel, the Devic Kingdom, and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Every stone was asked if belonged in the stone circle. There is an ascending pyramid of Buddhas directly above the stone circle.

Mutiny Bay Stone Circle
White scarf (kata), placed on large standing stone by
His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya, head Lama of the
Sakyapa Order of Tibetan Buddhism at the stone circle
consecration ceremony.


Mutiny Bay Stone Circle
The center of the stone circle after Rinpoche's consecration ceremony.


Located on private property, the Mutiny Bay Stone Circle is a private, not a public sacred space. If you are interested in sacred space, please visit Earth Sanctuary
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