Every day there was at least one Mandala Offering. In a Mandala Offering, you imagine all the Buddhas and enlightened beings in front of you. You offer to them all the virtuous activities you have ever done in the form of gifts. When I did the Mandala Offering at Lamdre, I experienced a great feeling of altruism, love and concern for all the people and animals in the Darjeeling area. I consider this one of the most significant spiritual events in my life.

After making the Mandala Offering, I received a kata (scarf) and a red cord symbolic of the Lama's protection.

A young Lama born to Carolyn Massey of the Sakya Monastery in Seattle.

The monks of the Sakya Monastery in Ghoom.

Rinpoche, his son, and grandson are surrounded by the Taiwanese and U.S. students of Lamdre.

The Nepalese and local Tibetan students of Lamdre.