Another Hevajra Mandala.

Rinpoche spent five to six hours each day teaching, reading, chanting, initiating and bestowing empowerments. To his right is a small table for his sacred objects: a bell, vase, etc.

The Hevajra Initiation takes two days and includes a series of special initiations. During one of these, the Crown Initiation, a special crown is worn symbolizing the five Buddha families.


Almost every day there was either an initiation, empowerment, or special blessing. Here, Rinpoche is bestowing the Long-Life empowerment that was attended by several thousand people.

Everyday I sat against the Monastery wall beside a small window. People were continuously walking around the Monastery turning the prayer wheels on the outside walls. Here is a small child being held to the window by his father to see the activities going on inside the Monastery.

After The Triple Tantra teachings, we would meet on the third floor of the Monastery. There, Lama Dagmo Kusho, Rinpoche's wife and Lama Jamyang would explain the esoteric teachings of The Triple Tantra in Tibetan. Then, David Lim (standing to the right) translated the Tibetan teachings into both English and Chinese