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Geopathic Survey Questions & Answers

What is a geopathic survey?
Earth Energy and Entity Checklist
What are the benefits of a geopathic survey?
Some comments from clients
What are your claims, disclaimers and guarantees?
Geopathic Survey Request Form
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What is a geopathic survey?

A geopathic (geo-Earth, pathic-disease) survey determines if there are Earth energies (underground water lines, ley lines and ley-line power centers) under a home or office and if they are neutral or negative (polluted or potentially harmful). The survey also checks for the presence of human entities (ghosts) and nonhuman entities (invisible malevolent beings). If negative water lines or ley lines are found, they are neutralized. If human entities are present, they are passed over. If nonhuman entities are present, they are sent to the place they belong according to the will of Supreme Consciousness (God).

Earth Energy and Entity Checklist

Here's a checklist to help you determine the possible presence of Earth energies and entities.

  • Is there someone in your family who seems hyper, cranky or moody for no apparent reason?
  • Is there a place in your home or office that just doesn't feel right? Or that feels scary, or even evil?
  • Are you moving into a new space that doesn't feel right or that you want to make sure is totally clear?
  • Do you know of a house for sale that has an odd feeling and won't sell?
  • Do you feel like energy is being drained from you?
  • Do you ever feel someone or something is watching you--even though there's no one around?
  • Are there ghosts in your home or place of work?
  • Do you feel unproductive or lacking energy?
  • Is there someone in your family with a disease or a history of illness?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then Earth energies or entities may be contributing to the problem.

What are the benefits of a geopathic survey?

  • Have your present or future home or office checked for harmful or beneficial Earth energies
  • Eliminate the influences of entities and ghosts
  • Neutralize negative Earth energies that may be causing ill health and disease
  • Locate ley-line power centers and underground springs that are ideal sites to build sacred spaces, gardens and environmental artworks
  • Design your next architectural or artistic project to in harmony with existing Earth energies
  • Find out if uneasy feelings or negative emotions are being caused by Earth energies or entities
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Contribute to environmental and planetary healing, as well as geopathic research

Some comments from clients

Chiropractor- -"I'm a doctor. After getting the map, I went directly to the office and found it to be accurate and true. I found out why (with the energy lines) I have had trouble working at my desk, why the reception room was so cozy, and why I liked my favorite treatment room."

Real Estate Agent--"After the spiritual dowsing, when the two entities were 'escorted' out of the house, the dramatic difference I noticed was that my two nephews began to get along, whereas they always used to bicker, and the older boy was always picking on the younger one. Now, he seems to be very considerate of his younger brother's feelings even if he does continue to tease him.

"My sister's home had 17 human entities, all ofwhom were assisted to the other side. Since that time, my sister seems to be more contented. She used to stay in her room a lot and says that she is now much more energetic and gets more done. I notice she seems more centered or balanced and more accepting of my friendship than before, and yet more separate as well ... and her daughter also strikes me as more at peace."

Architect--"Answered questions about my home. Continued its healing."

Consultant--"My dreams have significantly changed since the passing of the entities."

It is my belief, and that of many dowsers and physicians, that geopathic problems are a major cause of ill health in the world today. This is why I provide geopathic consulting services for the patients of a naturopathic physician. When he finds that geopathic stress is causing a health problem, he sends me a drawing of his patient's home for a geopathic survey. He and his patients report noticeable differences after a geopathic survey and cleaning.

Note: if you have a naturopathic phsyician, have them check you for geopathic stress before getting a geopathic survey. If there's a choice, I would prefer to have your physician send me the map and order the geopathic survey.

What are your claims, disclaimers and guarantees?

Money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the geopathic survey, we will refund your money.

A geopathic survey is best done in cooperation with your naturopathic physician.

Many dowsers and naturopathic physicians believe that Earth energies and geopathic stress are detrimental to health. However, we are not doctors, nor are we qualified to give medical advice or treatment. People with medical problems should see a physician.

The Geo Group believes there is a connection between geopathic conditions and health, but because we have no medical or scientific proof, no claims are made about the results of geopathic evaluations. We encourage and would like to cooperate with any research being done in this area. Your honest feedback is requested on all geopathic surveys via email or mail (Chuck Pettis, The Geo Group LLC, 1385 Raden Place., Freeland, WA, 98249). Because new water lines and ley lines may appear under your home or office in the future after the geopathic survey, it is recommended to have a geopathic survey done every few years or if you notice a change in the feeling of the space.

Geopathic Survey Request Form

If you, a family member or an associate are experiencing any of the following feelings, a Geopathic Survey may help:

  • Feeling of unease
  • Feeling that someone or something is watching you
  • Feeling of fear or evil
  • Can't sleep or work in a certain location
  • Feeling that energy is being drained or pulled out of you
  • Strange things are happening.

A Geopathic Survey will check for the presense of underground water lines, ley lines, human entities and nonhuman entities. Negative water lines will be neutralized. Human entities will be passed over and nonhuman entitites will sent to the place that they belong.

To get a Geopathic Survey done:

  • Sketch a map of the house or office to be surveyed on a piece of paper. It is not necessary to draw a perfect map or to use architectural drawings, a simple sketch will do. Draw the property line and an outline of your home or building. Use additional pages if easier and helpful.
  • Identify the rooms, location of major furniture, especially desks and beds, and places where you spend a lot of time.
  • Indicate which direction is North.
  • Describe any problems, unusual conditions or questions. Provide all the relevant information you can.
  • Include the name(s) of the people living at the house or office and the street address at the bottom of the page.
  • Include the date, your name, address (if different than above) and a phone number where you could be reached if we have a question.
  • Send the map and information with a check for $20 made out to The Geo Group to:
    Chuck Pettis
    The Geo Group LLC
    1385 Raden Place
    Freeland, WA 98249
  • The map will be returned with the results in three to four weeks.
  • Please do not send your map and information via certified mail or via any other service that requires a signature. Regular mail is just fine.

For over 30 years, I have been providing geopathic (geo-Earth,pathic-disease) survey services. Please note: I am not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice. If you have a medical problem, please see your physician.

There is no risk in ordering a geopathic survey. Neither the Geo Group nor myself want anyone to be unhappy or dissatisfied with this service. That's why if you aren't satisfied, your money will be returned or refunded. However, do not order unless you are sincere and have a real need.

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