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What Happens When You Die?
Preparing for Death
The Invisible Population: Human and Nonhuman Entities
What the Living Can Learn From the Dead
What We Need to Change About Death Customs
How to Die


What happens when we have breathed our last breath and finally die? Some think there is nothing, a permanent unconsciousness, the end. The opposite is true: the time after physical death is an extraordinary time and represents the opportunity of a lifetime for us, as souls, to evolve and grow spiritually.

Much has been written about life after death in the popular books on the near-death experience. To summarize, at the time of death, people leave their physical bodies behind, and most, but not all, pass through a dark tunnel and are met on "the other side" by the bright light of a very special transcendent spiritual being and family and friends who have passed on before them.

Those souls that do not cross over are stranded in our world without a body. For the past twenty years, I have worked with clients to clear their homes and offices of these discarnate humans or entities, and to help those lonely souls, at the same time. After passing over thousands of discarnate entities, I have come to an intimate understanding of the afterlife, spirit world, that few other people have experienced. The ultimate test of an individual is not just how he or she responds to adversity in life, but how we meet and master the challenge of death. The time leading up to death is a stressful one for the dying person and their family as well. The situation is aggravated by many doctors who, intent upon doing their jobs, work to extend the lives of people without taking into account the emotional cost in loss of dignity for all concerned.

Crossing Over is written for everyone who would not only like to die with dignity, but would also like to know exactly what to expect and do after they have died. We can never know exactly what dying is like, but that is not a reason to study and contemplate the end to our own physical existence and not only do what we can to live the best life, but prepare for the possibility of a spiritual experience worth training for.

Crossing Over has the following purposes:

  • Help people be less afraid of death and live life more fully on a day-by-day basis;
  • Make people aware that a space can hold more than it appears;
  • Educate people about the presence of entities and let them know there is a way to escape from the grips of any entities that may be adversely affecting them; and
  • Provide the vital information people need to meet death positively and cross over successfully and blissfully.

A letter I received from a client may give you an idea of what I do and why I feel it is important to share my knowledge through this home page.

"It seemed common knowledge to me that there are people who are sensitive to lots of things in this world, both seen and unseen. When a close friend suggested we ask Chuck to dowse our newly bought property for water, I thought it a good idea.

"Sitting casually at the dinner table, Chuck quietly focused on the map of our land and in time began drawing lines indicating water. From there he asked if we'd like him to check for ley lines and for the presence of any entities mistakenly still there. I watched and I thought about what he'd asked.

"It was from his question that I began learning that evening about the concept of entities attaching themselves to unsuspecting folks, unsuspecting folks like me. I was intrigued to hear that within this philosophy one's health could be negatively affected by these misplaced attachments. For four years I had been dealing with one health challenge after another. My situation had become frustrating and at times I bordered on feeling hopeless. I rarely admitted to anyone how depressed I was becoming about my diminishing health. Having tried many routes, including alternative medicines, it was only natural that I asked Chuck if he thought he might be able to help me through his learned techniques.

"From this point on, everything shifted for me that evening. I was able to tune in with Chuck and a very special synergy took place for me. Immediately I saw my 'blue crystalline lights' around Chuck's head (I began to see these while I was pregnant with my son some twenty years ago. They have often appeared to me when people shared their truths with me, and always resonate happiness. I'm not aware of having any control as to when I see them. It is more that they make their presence known on their own terms which is fine with me.) It tickled me that my blue lights would come. It indicated trust to me. Time seemed to take on a different dimension. As he talked I found myself in a dream I had just before my first husband's death. In it, I was walking in the woods and coming upon the spring, the headwater, the source of a deep water. As a movie, it reeled footage as Chuck was focusing his energy and doing his techniques.

"As we continued to quietly talk, I was asked about objects that I had around me. I remember telling about the uncomfortable sense I had regarding our home. I felt that something was 'out.' Somehow, we got to the delight I had in going to garage sales, and that I'd purchased unusual things, such as 100 Pre-Columbian artifacts. Chuck zeroed in on this like a laser. From this information, he ascertained that there were four entities who'd attached to me and were affecting me negatively.

"In a matter of minutes, he had them pass over, clearing me from their clutches. I experienced an immediate lifting and sense of being lightened. It was remarkable and significant. Since that night, other than a very brief period of feeling some discomfort, I have felt great. My energy was renewed, my pain disappeared and my depression lifted. I'm once again my optimistic, energetic self! I feel renewed to do all the things I've wanted to do and engaged with a full and happy life."

What Happens When You Die?

When a person dies, their spirit or soul leaves the physical body. For most people, dying is a smooth process of changing from one plane of existence to another. As the physical body stops operating, your soul or the nonphysical essence of who you are leaves the body. You can look back and see your body and the room and any people around your body. You can hear and see them, but they can't see or hear you. Then, you pass through a dark tunnel, like a cave with the sounds of rushing wind. You emerge from the tunnel into a space where you are met by friends and family who passed on before you, as well as a spiritual being of brilliant light and pure love.

There has been some inspiring research into this process by a number of doctors who have studied the accounts of people who have had near death experiences. You can read about this in Raymond Moody's book Life After Life (The Investigation of a Phenomenon - Survival of Bodily Death). Another excellent book is Closer to the Light - Learning from the Near Death Experiences of Children by Melvin Morse, M.D.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, usually ignorance of the process, a person gets disoriented or cannot make this transition, ending up lost between our world and the next. In this case, they may become attached to a familiar place such as the house they lived in or even the place where they died. In the later case, it seems that these souls often remain in the area where they died if they had a quick or violent death in an accident, battle, etc. Very often, these entities will become attached to a water line or spring, drawing energy or just a feeling of attachment from it. Once attached, the entity may become almost dormant, like in hibernation. Or they may be somewhat active and have subtle, yet perceptible effects on the people and space around them, usually in a negative sense, from our point of view.

Rather than seeking the Fountain of Youth, we can best serve humanity by crossing over when our time has come. Progress is served by each new generation's striving to prove itself and to create a better world.

In Western society, we all assume that death is something to abhor and avoid, at all costs. But, the lifetime of our soul is beyond measure. We are born and die many times as part of the evolution of our soul. Our body is the temporary receptacle of our unit consciousness for our brief time on Earth. Our consciousness is not a function of our bodies, rather our bodies are a function of our consciousness.

Life is something to be cherished, but death is not to be feared or avoided. At the end of our lives, we hold onto life when we should let go. Death is a beautiful experience, leading to a place of love and light. We should not be filled with fear when our time has come. We should hope for ars moriendi, a beautiful and conscious dying experience.

I predict that within the next ten years, the time for crossing over will be a blessed and spiritual event for the whole family. Just as athletes prepare for a competition, we will prepare our minds and souls for death, dying while meditating and consciously leaving our bodies for the afterlife and the incredible potential it holds for our souls.

Preparing for Death

Dying should not be a secret, a sickness or something to be afraid of. It is the most important time in our life and should be prepared for, discussed and studied. Just as women's attitude towards birthing has changed from "put me under until it's over" to a significant spiritual experience and time of personal transformation, as a society, we are headed towards a fundamental change in our attitudes towards death.

As Americans, we seek to improve our material productivity and measure success by our explorations and experiences in the world. Tibetans, on the other hand, have historically emphasized spiritual productivity and understanding the inner experience. Intuitively, many of us have come to understand the vital importance of understanding our inner self and the source of our perceptions, feelings, and emotions.

Preparing for death includes study and the gathering of information (e.g., what to expect), developing imagination and the ability to assimilate the experience of the afterlife, practicing right and ethical thoughts and behaviors (e.g., love, generosity, tolerance), living a life that has meaning, and most importantly, meditation, developing the ability to fully experience and take advantage of the extraordinary moment of life without a physical body.

The Invisible Population: Human and Nonhuman Entities

What happens to those unprepared for crossing over and who, for a variety of reasons, don't pass through the tunnel and are stranded without a physical body? They can see, but cannot be seen. They can hear, but can't be heard. Simply put, they become invisible coinhabitants of our homes, offices and public spaces. True voyeurs, their invisible presence affects all they come into contact with.

Discarnate humans are not the only inhabitants of this in-between world. There are also non human entities (evil spirits) that are not only frightening, but harmful to those they are around.

I was once invited to the home of a newspaper reporter. She and her husband travel the world, visiting ancient places and collecting artifacts from them that they bring back as souvenirs. Artifacts from these places can be anchors for entities. In this case, as soon as I entered the house I immediately felt many entities all around. Asked to perform my passing over and clearing process verbally, out loud, I cleared the home of over 50 human and nonhuman entities. Afterward, it was remarked that this process was the simplest ceremony or ritual they had ever experienced.

Stranded discarnate human entities have a detrimental effect on both the physical and mental health of those they chose to "live with." This becomes most evident when the entities are removed. For example, after clearing one man's house of 50 entities, I received a call from him asking why he had so much energy and couldn't sleep.

For a moment, imagine yourself, or people you know who have died, marooned in this netherland. What would you do? What would they do? Let's suppose a diseased acquaintance nursed a grudge against you. What if they decided to invisibly harass you? Would it bother you? Would you notice? Probably, not consciously. But, I have had many clients who have "known" of the human entity around them once I told them of their presence.

There are many, too many, human entities that do not belong here. They often "attach" themselves to places or people. The result is that energy is literally sucked from their unknowing human victims, with physical, mental and spiritual consequences for all concerned. There are also non human entities sharing our world. The demons mentioned in the book, Embraced By The Light, are real. While they are few, they are evil, dangerous and of "the dark side." They, too, do not belong here.

What the Living Can Learn From the Dead

There is a lot we can learn about the death experience and from the phenomena of entities. For example, life support systems are a form of cruel punishment. A woman I knew was hit by a car and sustained major injuries to her head and body. She went into a coma and never came out. I visited her at the hospital to ascertain her condition and bring her what love and energy I could. I found her soul separated from her battered body, in a dark place. She was curled into the fetal position, afraid and alone. Her poor soul was still linked by a thin thread of life to her greatly damaged body, a body she could not stay in because of the pain, not to mention the constant flow of people and their depressing conversations about her condition.

This was a very sad situation in many ways. Hooked up to a life support system, her physical death was on hold. I will never forget her bliss, the smile of joy just as she entered the tunnel, when the life support system was finally turned off and she was allowed to die.

If you are ever in the position of having a loved one on life support when they body is extensively damaged or ill, remember that the person you love may be held back and suffering. Death is a liberation of the physical body. It will happen to all of us. A week more of care to extend life may actually be a week more of hell to the person you love. That's why everyone should have a living will. A living will is a directive to physicians and is a legal directive to not artifically prolong life in the case of a terminal condition (i.e., an incurable condition caused by injury, disease, or illness, which, regardless of the application of life-sustaining procedures, would, within reasonable medical judgment, produce death, and where the application of life-sustaining procedures would serve only to postpone artifically the moment of death).

The line between life and death is a thin one. We would be doing a service to the dying if we let loved ones in a coma die sooner, naturally, rather than later.

Many people, when in need of help or guidance, ask their departed spouse or family for help. Speaking for those "on the other side," this is not right. In general, the departed are in no position to help us. Rather, they need our help in the form of directed loving energy to their work and service. Send and direct love and energy to your departed loved ones because our love energy is multiplied a hundred times in their world.

What We Need to Change About Death Customs

As this section was being written, an acquaintance happened to read it and she related her experience of being in shock after sustaining burns over 70 percent of her body. Caregivers assumed her critical condition made her unaware of her surroundings. On the contrary, she explained, she had acute awareness of everything going on around her. In her hospital room, her family and doctors discussed the fact that she might not live. She was not treated as though was were conscious. In spite of great pain, she had no question that she was going to make it. She says now that she never understood the preoccupation of others with life and death issues. "Why did they not ask me?" Intuitively, she said she was very aware of their projected anxieties and she knew who was "lying" when they said everything was "okay." "In hospitals, often caregivers have more panic than you," she said. "Tell your fears directly to the person who is ill. Do not hide it."

She was very depressed in the hospital. When she finally left the hospital to go home against medical advice, she cried with joy, even though still in intense pain. "The hospital is not an ill person's place," she said. "You belong at home. Personal choices are important. The food, the house preparation, the familiar people are all part of where you belong. The hospital's schedules and routines are often counter to the healing process."

Clearly, we need a new level of awareness of those nearing and approaching death. In the past, most people died at home. Today, 80 percent of Americans die in hospitals, alone, and out of view. We sequester the dying in a clinical sterile environment in the name of specialized facilities and doctors. And people die alone and hidden from the world and families.

Doctors, in their quest to solve "The Riddle" of disease, at times convince patients to undergo therapeutic measures to extend life when the patient should be allowed a gracious way to die with family and loved ones. We need to be cognizant of the fact that many of us have been brought up in awe of doctors and wish to please them, and certainly don't want to offend or anger them. Too much emphasis is put on the art of saving life rather than on the art of dying. Dying is not sectarian or religious; it is a universal spiritual experience.

Some doctors exert their authority to control how long and when you or your loved one will be allowed to die. Oncologists, cancer doctors, are among the worst offenders. This control is actually a choice which belongs with the individual and their family. I support doctors for striving to solve The Riddle, make the diagnosis and design and carry out a successful cure. The Hippocrates Oath dictates their goal. Their love of medicine is good, it is their job. But at the time of death, you need to detach from this guiding principle of "more life at any cost." Do not lay yourself at the feet of the doctor. Look to your own, or your loved one's own best interests near the time of death. Do not let your doctor convince you to undergo a new test or therapy at the point when reason and intuition says, "let go."

The doctor's job is to think, how can I save this person from dying? They are criticized by other doctors if they appear negligent about saving a person's life. Doctors don't want to "give up." Your job is to think, how do I want to die? How can I make my death as easy and as conscious and aware as possible?

On the positive side, doctors can be guides and provide essential valuable information. The best one is your family doctor who understands you and the dying process. But, your own research is important. Study your disease so that you can understand when to live and when to let death come.

How to Die

The Geo Group advocates death with dignity and in the best way possible, at peace with yourself, your family and God. A death where we die knowing we have lived a life well.

At life's end, improve the quality of your mind's ability to concentrate and sense the subtle rather than desperately seeking procedures to prevent death. After death, our "senses" and consciousness are many times more sensitive without the burden and "filtering" of a physical body. The practice of meditation and other techniques to understand the inner self bring a sense of familiarity that is invaluable when we are without our bodies and all we have is our psyche and soul.

The time immediately after death is incredibly important. 99.99 percent of people cross over without even being aware that there is a richness of experience and potential for soul growth that is beyond words. This is explained in detail in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The ultimate purpose of the soul is self realization and liberation, the merging of the our individual consciousness with Supreme Consciousness. To progress along this path starts with the conscious decision to apply oneself to this end.

From my experiences with The Dead, what I have learned to appreciate most of all is life itself. Life is so precious. There are some things, for our soul's evolution, that can only be done in human physical form. Because life passes so quickly and because it can end, by accident or disease, at any time, there is no time to lose in living life to its fullest. And, when the time comes, to celebrate the crossing over of a loved one.

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