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Unusual Publc Artwork Makes Seattle First City to Have Ley-Line Map

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A new artwork considered "unprecedented" in the annals of public art used dowsing techniques to chart Seattle's "power centers" and ley lines.

In reviewing the Seattle Arts Commission funded artwork, Seattle Times art critic Deloris Tarzan Ament called it "easily the most unusual public-art project in Seattle history." Seattle has acquired a national reputation for being a leader in the public-art arena. She reported, "We are without question the first city in America - possibly the first city anywhere - to have our ley lines laid out."

The project is one of three is a series of "Northwest Interpretations: Visionary Collaberations" designed to represent what Seattle as a city might become. The artwork has been the center of controversy and considerable interest because of its identification of electro-magnetic energies already present in the Earth that are associated with spiritual or religious purposes.

According to Diane Shamash, head of Art in Public Places for the Seattle Arts ommission, "Controversy is a routine part of public-art commissions. We have received many calls about the project, with about half for the project and wanting to know where to get copies of the map and the other half protesting the use of public money to purchase art considered religious."

The public-art project was created by The Geo Group, a group of artists, architects, landscape architects and dowsers dedicated to creating environmental art for the purposes of world peace.

According to Chuck Pettis, Geo Group spokesperson, "60 ley lines and 44 power centers were identified within Seattle city limits. Ley lines are a network of energy lines that crisscross the Earth. Ley lines originate at power centers. Ancient monuments such as pyramids, stone circles, medicine wheels, shrines, cathedrals and other sacred architectural structures have traditionally been located on power centers. Power centers are significant because they can affect consciousness and uplift the human condition, the time-honored missions of art."

"I created the map by using a brass pendulum to map dowse a large four-by-eight foot Seattle road map for ley lines," said Chuck Pettis. "Then, we verified the ley-line power centers by visiting the sites and dowsing the exact location of the power center."

The final artwork is composed of a large infrared aerial photograph of Seattle with the ley lines marked by white lines and power centers marked by quartz crystals. The map and two side panels proposing a series of environmental artworks to be built on the power centers are enclosed in a seven foot "squared circle" case. The artwork is currently on display in the Seattle Arts Commission office.

A 4.5 inch by 7 inch color print of the Seattle Ley-Line Map may be obtained by sending a $7 check or money order to
Chuck Pettis
The Geo Group LLC
8222 Overlake Dr. W.
Medina, WA 98039

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Note to editors: Color transparencies of the Seattle Ley-Line Map and the artwork itself are available on request.

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