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What kinds of environmental artworks do you envision being created for Seattle's power centers?

The Geo Group's vision is to mark and then activate Seattle's ley line power centers with a specially designed series of graduated environmental artworks. Preliminary concepts for the artworks are described below. These artworks will be geometrically and symbolically designed to confirm a belief that all the laws of Nature are in harmony. The artworks will also be designed to elegantly identify the presence of the ley lines and to most effectively heighten the ley-line energy.

Power-Center Markers Since most of Seattle's power centers are located on private property or on places not appropriate for a full-scale artwork, we would first of all construct an edition of round cast-brass markers which could easily be positioned in people's yards or inset in a floor inside a house or building. The Power-Center Marker will depict the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis symbolizing the cosmic marriage of the spiritual and material worlds. The Vesica Pisces is the basis for laying out a temple or monument in sacred space. The Geo Group's logo is a Vesica Pisces.

Standing Stones A number of power centers are in places ideal for a standing stone: Alki Beach, the baseball field in the University of Washington Arboretum, the Rose Garden by the Woodland Park Zoo and a place near the 17th Avenue and 45th Street entrance to the University of Washington.

At these places, we envision large standing stones with inset descriptive brass plaques. The standing stone is the simplest and most elementary megalithic monument, consisting of a single stone embedded vertically in the ground. The standing stone is a yang, masculine symbol.

Stone Circles A lookout in Interlaken Park is ideal for a small stone circle with viewpoints and astronomical alignments. The stone circle is the most elegant of the megalithic monuments, symbolizing wholeness, oneness and perfection.

Earth Mound and Chamber In Roanoke Park, there is a power center next to a children's playground. We recommend a small Earth mound covering a large pipe with openings at each end. The mound is a symbol of fecundity or fertility. It relates to the vessel symbolism of the Great Mother.

Beacon Buoys There are several power centers located over water. One is in a boat slip at the north end of Lake Union and one is north of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. For these locations, we propose metalwork buoys patterned after the Delphi Oracle "seat" with lighted beacons at the apex.

We welcome and ask for your donation to create, install, and maintain the above artworks.

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